HBHS FIRST Robotics Team Competition Update

FRC Team 4046 sure had it’s ups and downs during the 2012 robotic’s season. We started the team with the hopes of promoting an education in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics while having fun and we sure did. In the beginning of the season, we found that everything was going to be expensive and were concerned about not being able to build a robot; however, with the generous sponsorship of the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council along with others, money was no longer an issue. We worked hard, learned plenty, and had fun throughout the season. We were excited for the competition until some of our valuable things were stolen one week before the competition (including our programming laptop). We were all disappointed and discouraged; however, after talking to many of the directors of FRC competition and other teams, we were quickly able to borrow substitutes for the stolen items. We overcame that huge hurdle with the amazing help of the FRC community and were once again in game mode. While at competition, we were overwhelmed with the help that others teams provided us with and learned even more by observing those experienced teams. During the actual competitions we had a blast playing robot basketball and did our best on helping our alliances. We even tried working with the opponents to earn bonus points. Our teamwork in the game paid off when Team 4046 won the 2012 Los Angeles FRC regional Coopertition Award (The Coopertition™ Award celebrates the team that best demonstrates the ability to help their opponents compete. In the inaugural year of the Coopertition Award, the award will be granted to the team that earns the most Coopertition Bonus points during the competition) out of 66 teams!!!! After debriefing with the team, everyone mentioned something valuable that they learned. Some of these things included how a motor works to make things move and the importance of the cooperation within the team to succeed. We are proud to say that we succeeded in our goals and made not only ourselves proud but also our school.
Thank you,

-Maria Michelle Yepremian

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