Remembering Chris Shabel

chris shabel

The Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council mourns the loss of Chris Shabel, who was one of its prominent founding members.

Chris passed away in the early part of November 2013 and we know that there will not be anyone in Hollywood who could take her place in the community as she was the heart and soul of the HSDNC during its formative years as well as a HSDNC Board Member for two terms.

Her love for and interest in the community was felt not only in Hollywood, but also throughout Los Angeles, as she set standards for other communities to follow.

For over 30 years she fought for her ideals, her neighborhood and for us all. She outlived most of her opponents, and many things she opposed, like the CRA, which she fought to its death.

Chris loved people and they loved her. Just before being admitted to the hospital she celebrated her 80th birthday early this October. It was a big party with lots of family, friends, community leaders and City Officials. Council Member Tom LaBonge stopped in to bestow on her the well-wishes of the City of Los Angeles.

During an episode of “Clean House” it was made known that she was nicknamed the “Godmother of Hollywood”, since she was always ready to make a call to help someone or express her outrage at the latest City Hall travesty.

Stretching from Los Angeles to all across California politics from Senator Boxer to the newest City Council hopefuls came to her house, seeking her advice and blessings. Marlon Brando could have learned a thing or two from Chris…and perhaps he did.

To Hollywood she was a backbone of polished steel, being funny, wise and kind but yet never minced her words about anything. She was always warm and welcoming to everybody and never in a loss of a good cheer.

Chris not only created the HSDNC, but she was one of us and it breaks all of our hearts to have say goodbye to her.

- Ziggy Kruse (former HSDNC Board Member & friend of Chris Shabel)


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