HSDNC Homeless Feeding Program Resolution

In addition to our January 9, 2017 special board meeting, we will be discussing the following Homeless Feeding Program Resolution. Check back to this page for future updates.

Click here to download the resolution in a PDF.

Whereas, Hollywood is a world-renowned destination for tourists from all over the world;

Whereas, large investments have been made to develop Hollywood to better serve visitors as well as stakeholders in the area;


Whereas, development and beautification projects have improved and increased the livability of our community and walkability of our sidewalks, resulting in increased patronage and viability of local businesses that serve the general public;


Whereas, daily homeless feeding programs encourage a population of people to encamp in a
concentrated area exposing the local residents to risks of increased filth, litter, burglaries, crime, public safety and disease;

Whereas, daily homeless feeding programs draws a population with a higher proclivity for theft, burglary, break-ins, public disorder, public nuisance, delinquency and drug/alcohol use and abuse;


Whereas, daily homeless feeding programs draw a population prone to panhandling, resulting in the uninvited accosting of the general public;


Whereas, daily homeless feeding programs do nothing to solve the homelessness problem but rather enables and condones the indigent to remain in their situation and provides no incentive
for them to change their situation for the better;


Whereas, best practices espoused by other well-established homeless feeding programs are to have non-daily, non-consecutive feeding days as the optimum program schedule in order to preclude permanent homeless encampments from developing within a given radius of the feeding program location;


RESOLVED, that we urge the Los Angeles City Council to pass an ordinance prohibiting street
feeding programs from being conducted on a daily and/or consecutive basis on Sunset Blvd and
Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood. (Possibly amend to: Hollywood Studio, Entertainment and Tourist Districts)

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