Access Fare Service - Rate increase

Access Services will be implementing the second part of its previously approved two-step fare increase in the L.A. Basin on July 1, 2014: Trip Distance Current Fare July 1, 2014
Under 20 miles $2.50 $2.75 - 20 miles and over $3.25 $3.50 Transfer and North County fares (Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley) will remain the same. Can I still use coupons?
Yes, you will still be able to pay your fare with coupons. Coupons can now be ordered online at Don’t I already pay my fair share of the cost?
Riders currently pay less than 5 percent of the cost of their rides. The remainder is subsidized by federal and local sources of transportation funding. Access Services PO Box 5728 El Monte, CA 91734-1728

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