Fountain Community Gardens

Founded in 2009, Fountain Community Gardens is located in Hollywood, California at 5620 Fountain Avenue and overlooks the 101 Freeway.  With 67 plots and over 90 gardeners, Fountain Community Gardens enables families to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruits.   It also provides a large area for community activities, three sections landscaped with California natives, a citrus grove and two communal herb gardens.
Fountain Community Gardens is a project of Los Angeles Garden Council and s located in the heart of Hollywood Studio Neighborhood Council District.  It is one of the most diverse communities in Los Angeles including Latino, Filipino, Armenian, Korean, Thai, Cambodian, African, Caucasians and Chinese.
Prior to being a community gardens, this 20,000 square foot space was a city owned lot for trailers providing temporary housing, mainly for poor single mothers.  That program ended in the 1980’s.  Gang members and meth cooks moved in and when a fire on the grounds spread to neighborhood houses, local residents demanded change.  The lot sat dormant for many years until Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps offered the lot to the surrounding community.
By turning vacant lots n the inner city into food producing community gardens we not only create green public space, but we bring work, pride and food options/eating habits to entire communities.

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