Agenda Items for Meeting of June 12, 2017

The following are supporting documents for select motions to be presented at the regular board meeting of Monday, June 12, 2017.

Motion XIII:

Motion to approve funding of up to $6,000 for audio equipment, for board & committee meetings and town halls.

Motion XIV:

Motion to approve funding of up to $2,700 for MapBox developer to add an interactive map to our website.

Motion XV:

Motion to approve funding of up to $2,000 to license historic photos, to add to the website

HSDNC Homeless Feeding Program Resolution

In addition to our January 9, 2017 special board meeting, we will be discussing the following Homeless Feeding Program Resolution. Check back to this page for future updates.

Click here to download the resolution in a PDF.

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Rate Your City Services 2015

Stand Up and Be Heard

  • Got a bone to pick with your city leaders?
  • Trash all over your street that isn't getting picked up?
  • Are homeless encampments a problem in your area?
  • Is the City of LA spending enough resources on vital city services?
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