Rate Your City Services 2015

Stand Up and Be Heard

  • Got a bone to pick with your city leaders?
  • Trash all over your street that isn't getting picked up?
  • Are homeless encampments a problem in your area?
  • Is the City of LA spending enough resources on vital city services?

Then take a moment to fill out the City Services Report Card 2015 here.

This yearly survey is put out by the City of Los Angeles Budget Advocates, who have a seat at the table during city budget strategy meetings. We all want improvements in public education and employment, and the only way to do that is to weigh in on city services.


Limited Computer or Internet Access?

Please come to the next HSDNC Board Meeting October 12th, 2015. We will provide a tablet for you to take the survey during the meeting.

Contact info@hsdnc.org if you have any issues or would like a paper version of this survey delivered to you.


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