Target Store Plan Headed to Central Area Planning Commission

The proposed Target store at the corner of Sunset and Western will be discussed at the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday. For more information, check out these two articles: and Hollywood Unbound
From Hollywood Unbound:
Per the City Planning Department Staff Report (.pdf), the Target Shopping Center project is requesting:

* Certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report

* Relief from the Vermont/Western TOD Specific Plan requirement to provide free delivery of purchases made at the site by residents living in the Specific Plan Area.

* Relief to allow a maximum building height of 84 feet above grade in lieu of the maximum permitted building height of 35 feet.

* Relief to permit Target to provide 458 parking spaces in lieu of the maximum 390 parking spaces allowed by the Vermont/Western TOD Specific Plan.

* Relief from various portions of the Vermont/Western TOD Specific Plan's Development Standards and Design Guidelines, including (1) an allowance for the entrance canopy and balconies, which are to be located within 15 feet of the property line along Sunset Avenue, to exceed the maximum permitted height of 30 feet; (2) relief from the requirement that the second floors along Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue be setback a minimum of ten feet from the first floor frontage; (3) relief to permit transparent building elements such as windows and doors to occupy approximately 24% of the ground floor façade along St. Andrews Place in lieu of the minimum 50% building transparency otherwise required; (4) an exemption from the requirement that all roof lines in excess of 40 feet must be broken up through the use of gables, dormers, cut-outs or other means; and, (5) relief from the allowable hours of operation in order to allow store deliveries between the hours of 5AM and 12AM Monday through Sunday.

* Approval of a Conditional Use to permit the sale of beer and wine for off-site consumption.

* Approval of a Project Permit Compliance with the Vermont/Western TOD Specific Plan.

* Approval of a Site Plan Review for a project that results in an increase of 50,000 gross square feet or more of nonresidential floor area and a net increase of over 1,000 average daily trips.

City Planning Department Staff is recommending the project be approved, with one minor change: That Target only be permitted to build to a maximum building height of 74 feet instead of the maximum building height of 84 feet that Target requested.

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