As soon as you swear in as a HSDNC Boardmember, you become a public official in the eyes of the City and State. In order to vote on agenda items or make budgetary decisions, you’ll have to take following three required trainings:

Required Training for HSDNC Boardmembers

The following is a brief list of the steps to complete your Boardmember certification. To find more complete instructions, please see the EmpowerLA website.

Part 1: Funding

Step 1: Watch this 20 minute video.

Step 2: Fill out this online registration form from EmpowerLA.

Treasurers and Second Signers must take a more intense 3-hour Funding workshop. To find out when the next funding workshops are happening, go here.

Part 2: Code of Conduct

Step 1: Read the Code of Conduct. Fill in the required form at the bottom

Step 2: Watch this 7 minute video about the Code of Conduct.

Part 3: Ethics

Step 1: Create an account with the Office of the Attorney General. Once you create an account, you can take the ethics training course. Expected course time is two hours, so plan ahead.

Screen capture of FCCP ethics training slide.

If you have any trouble with the system, such as completing or receiving your certificate, lease email You can also call the Fair Political Practices Commission at 916-322-5660.

Fair Political Practices Commission

General Counsel

428 J Street, Suite 620

Sacramento, California 95814.

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