Volunteers Urgently Needed for Grievance Panel

There was a grievance filed with the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council related to a possible violation of the Brown Act recently. The issue was discussed at the most recent General Board Meeting on May 14 and we are now moving forward with forming a volunteer Grievance Panel. The Panel must be composed of stakeholders and will evaluate the complaint filed and recommend an action to the HSDNC Board. The Panel must be formed within the next seven days after the call to action at the Board Meeting on May 14. We request that any stakeholders interested in serving contact our Recording Secretary, Jenny Weatherholtz at jenny_weatherholtz(at)paramount.com. She will then choose five names at random to participate on the Panel.
The Recording Secretary must then coordinate a time and place for the Panel to meet within 14 days of the call to action. The Recording Secretary will then share the Panel's recommendation at the next General Board Meeting. The Board shall then hear the grievance, the recommendation, and then vote by official action on the matter at that meeting. The Board's decision must come within 60 days of the call to action. If you would like to find out more information about our Neighborhood Council's Bylaws, you can read the full text by clicking here. Page 17 in particular deals with the grievance process.

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